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Menu Bar Dock

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It is highly recommended that you enable automatically hide and show the dock in system preferences. Now you have freed up all that space at the bottom of the screen where the dock used to always be showing, and you can open apps by clicking their icon in the menu bar at the top!

Preferences example

Menu Bar Dock can work in two ways: running apps and regular apps. To get an experience most similar to the normal dock you’re used to, just use regular apps. Do this by going to preferences (right click a menu bar item), add your desired apps to the ‘Regular Apps’ section, then set the max number of running apps to 0. However, we recommend you give the running apps feature a try, it can be very useful for switching quickly between recently used apps.

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Extra info

Access the preferences window by right clicking any app being displayed in the menu bar dock, and then selecting ‘Menu Bar Dock Preferences’ at the bottom.

If you hold command while dragging the icons to place them where you would like on the menu bar. It will reorder automatically once you change apps again.

For more info and tips, press the blue ‘i’ in the general section of the preferences window of the app.

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